RDS Treasures

The RDS Treasures is a collection of paintings, sculptures, works on paper, trophies and scientific instruments that reflect the interests and activities of the RDS, as well of some of the individuals associated with the Society since its establishment in 1731.

Digitisation of the artworks in the RDS Treasures Collection is an RDS initiative funded by
The Heritage Council

113 items in collection

St. Mark and the Lion, by Solomon Coninck

St. Mark and the Lion

RDS_treasures_C23_Weir & Sons_Pack-Beresford cup.jpg

The Pack-Beresford Challenge Cup


The Mother


Portrait Bust of Chesterfield

RDS_treasures_123_Ashford_anglers by a river.jpg

Anglers by a River

RDS_treasures_10_Ravesteyn_gentleman smiling.jpg

Portrait of a Gentleman, Smiling

RDS_treasures_439_Richter_Elisabeth Empress of Austria.jpg

Portrait of Elisabeth, Empress of Austria, on Domino, an Irish Hunter

RDS_treasures_182_Rothwell_Mary Ann Hutton.jpg

Portrait of Mary Ann Hutton

RDS_treasures_5_Purser_Con Curran.jpg

Portrait of Constantine Peter Curran

Portrait of Mervyn Edward Wingfield, 7th Viscount Powerscourt, by Sarah Henrietta Purser

Portrait of Mervyn Edward Wingfield

1939 Dublin Horse Show Poster Design by Olive Whitmore

1939 Dublin Horse Show Poster Design

Portrait of William Evelyn Wylie as Master of the Ward Union Hounds

Portrait of William E. Wylie as Master of the Ward Union Hounds

RDS_treasures_167_Whelan_Edward Bohane.jpg

Portrait of Edward Bohane

RDS_treasures_184_Raeburn_Charles Giesecke.jpg

Portrait of Charles Giesecke

RDS_treasures_174_Hamilton_Richard Kirwan.jpg

Portrait of Richard Kirwan

RDS_treasures_178_Jones_George Stoney.jpg

Portrait of George Johnstone Stoney


Compound Microscope

RDS_treasures_0410.001_Parker_Burning glass.jpg

Burning Glass


Tabletop Telescope

RDS_treasures_175_Cregan_Isaac Weld.png

Portrait of Isaac Weld

RDS_treasures_268_Kirk_Gregor von Feinaigle.jpg

Portrait Bust of Gregor von Feinaigle

RDS_treasures_97_Maker unknown_1888 Charter.jpg

1888 Charter of Queen Victoria

RDS_treasures_198_Drury_Causeway east.jpg

East Prospect of the Giant's Causeway

Portrait of Muriel Gahan, by Edward McGuire

Portrait of Muriel Gahan

Portrait of Arthur Edward Guinness, 1st Baron Ardilaun, by Sir William Orpen

Portrait of Arthur Edward Guinness

RDS_treasures_29_Cuming_Mr Bowden.jpg

Portrait of Mr. Bowden

RDS_treasures_322_Kirk_George lV.jpg

Statue of George IV

RDS_treasures_572_Clarke_Stained glass panel.jpg

Stained Glass Panel of Minerva

RDS_treasures_137_Chinnery_Miss Vigne.jpg

Attention, Portrait of Miss Vigne

RDS_treasures_437_West & Son_RDS Mace.jpg

The RDS President's Mace

RDS_treasures_C64_Terrey & Co_Pembroke 1845 cup.jpg

The 1845 Pembroke Challenge Cup

RDS_treasures_C56_Weir & Sons_Aga Khan Nations cup.jpg

The Nations Cup

RDS_treasures_C145_Hunt & Roskell_Owen Ryan cup V.jpg

The 1866 Pembroke Challenge Cup

RDS_treasures_261_Van Nost_Samuel Madden.jpg

Portrait Bust of Samuel Madden

RDS_treasures_259_Van Nost_Thomas Prior.jpg

Portrait Bust of Thomas Prior

RDS_treasures_210_Brocas_Hogget ram.jpg

A Hogget Ram, the property of Richard Rothwell Esq.


A Sow of the improved Leicestershire breed


Strawberry, the property of Henry Garnett


Myrtle, By a well bred son of Shakespear


Brindle, in the possession of Henry Garnett


Blossom, the property of Henry Garnett, Esq.


A Longhorn Cow, Bred by Richard Astley Esq.

Shepherding a Flock to Pasture, by George Barret Senior

Shepherding a Flock to Pasture

Anglers Beneath a Natural Rock Arch, by George Barret Senior

Anglers Beneath a Natural Rock Arch

Travellers on a Wooded Pathway, by George Barret Senior

Travellers on a Wooded Pathway

RDS_treasures_C38_Law & Son_Croker cup.jpg

The Croker Challenge Cup

RDS_treasures_C29_Goldsmiths & Silversmiths_Silcock cup.jpg

The Silcock Challenge Cup

RDS_treasures_C3_Elkington_Phoenix challenge cup.jpg

The Phoenix Challenge Cup

RDS_treasures_C1_West & Son_Queen Victoria challenge cup.jpg

The Queen Victoria Challenge Cup

RDS_treasures_271_Cunningham_William Maple.jpg

Portrait Bust of William Maple

RDS_treasures_165_Osborne_Walter Clegg Stevenson.jpg

Portrait of Walter Clegg Stevenson

RDS_treasures_162_Whelan_John Joly.jpg

Portrait of John Joly


A Ewe, the Property of Richard Rothwell Esq.

RDS_treasures_8_Lavery_Hunter Class.jpg

Hunter Class at the 1926 Dublin Horse Show

Portrait of John Bowes by Alexander Pope

Portrait of John Bowes

RDS_treasures_283_FitzGibbon_Francis Stuart.jpg

Portrait Bust of Francis Stuart


Donn Cúailnge

RDS_treasures_326_MacDowell_Girl reading.jpg

Girl, Reading


The Mattei Amazzone Ferita




The Mattei Ceres




Manockjee Nesserwanjee, a Parsee Merchant

RDS_treasures_289_Foley_Ino & Bacchus.jpg

Ino & the Infant Bacchus


Resting Discobolus

RDS_treasures_98_Blaeu_Map of Ireland R.jpg

Map of Ireland

RDS_treasures_68_Whitmore_DHS vignettes.jpg

Vignettes of the Dublin Horse Show

RDS_treasures_93_Orizzonte_Italianate landscape.jpg

An Italianate Landscape

RDS_treasures_31_van der Hagen_Landscape with anglers.jpg

Anglers beneath a Natural Rock Arch

RDS_treasures_186_Lucas_de Trafford's horses.jpg

Sir Humphrey de Trafford’s Horses

RDS_treasures_144_Boucher follower_Narcissus.jpg


RDS_treasures_121_Ashford_Landscape with castle.jpg

Landscape with Castle

RDS_treasures_143_Vonck_Still life with gamebirds.jpg

Still Life with Game Birds (II)

RDS_treasures_141_Hildebrandt_Pecheurs d'Hastings.jpg

Pecheurs d'Hastings


Still Life with Hare

RDS_treasures_118_Grattan_Blind Beggar.jpg

The Blind Beggarwoman and Child

RDS_treasures_115_Tschaggeny_Herding Stock.jpg

Herding Stock at Sunset

RDS_treasures_C62_Comyns & Sons_Joseph Widger trophy.jpg

The Joseph Widger Challenge Trophy

RDS_treasures_C19_Unknown_Champion Hack cup.jpg

The RDS Horse Show Champion Hack Challenge Cup

RDS_treasures_C8_Lambe_Aberdeen Angus cup.jpg

The Aberdeen-Angus Association Challenge Cup

RDS_treasures_C67_Le Bas_Smith O'Brien cup.jpg

The William Smith O’Brien Challenge Cup

RDS_treasures_C59_Unknown_Michael Osborne cup.jpg

The Michael Osborne Challenge Cup

RDS_treasures_C41_Hutton & Sons_Michael Moran trophy.jpg

The Michael Moran Memorial Trophy

RDS_treasures_C49_Unknown_Jersey Cattle trophy.jpg

The Jersey Cattle Society Trophy

RDS_treasures_C18_Walker & Hall_Irish Government cup.jpg

The Department of Agriculture Short Horn Cattle Class Cup

RDS_treasures_C136_PD_Government cup.jpg

The Irish Government Commendation Cup

RDS_treasures_177_Williams_Charles Vallancey.jpeg

Portrait of General Charles Vallancey


Portrait Bust of Richard John Griffith


Portrait Bust of Francis Leopold McClintock


Portrait Bust of Alexander Nimmo

RDS_treasures_265_Farrell_de Grey.jpeg

Portrait Bust of Thomas Philip de Grey


Portrait Bust of John Philpot Curran


Portrait Bust of Henry William Paget


Portrait Bust of Francis Blackburne


Bust of Flora

RDS_treasures_534_Mannin_President's chair.jpeg

RDS President's Chair

RDS_treasures_171_Jones_Robert Hunter.jpeg

Portrait of Robert J. Hunter

RDS_treasures_176_Catterson Smith_Jaspar Joly.jpeg

Portrait of Jaspar Robert Joly

RDS_treasures_179_Kelly_James Meenan.jpeg

Portrait of James Meenan

RDS_treasures_170_Catterson Smith_John Henry Watson.jpeg

Portrait of John Henry Watson