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East Prospect of the Giant's Causeway



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A view of the basalt columns caused by a volcanic eruption, known as the Giant's Causeway in County Antrim, Ireland. To the left, the interlocking columns descend from a cliff to the water. In the centre is a block of high columns and to the right, smaller columns extend into the water. There are various groups of people: in the left foreground, two gentlemen examine the rocks; in the centre foreground, two gentlemen and two women engage in conversation, across the water from them, three more figures examine the rocks; in the left middle ground, two solitary figures climb a pathway; in the centre middle ground is a group of seven figures sitting on the rocks with a figure some distance away to their left, and another solitary figure climbing the rocks to their right; in the centre right background, two figures are standing on the rocks, with a group of three gentlemen to their right, one holding a pole or rod. In the distant background is rocky landscape, with two sailboats visible on the horizon to the right. The inscription in the cartouche attached to the frame reads 'The Drawings from which these Prints were Engraved, obtained in the year 1741, the first premium awarded by the Society, in the department of The Fine Arts'. Engraving by François Vivarès after Susanna Drury.


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Vivarès, François, 1709-1780 and Drury, Susanna, 1698-1770, “East Prospect of the Giant's Causeway,” RDS, accessed April 22, 2024, https://digitalarchive.rds.ie/items/show/3858.


RDS_treasures_198_Drury_Causeway east.jpg