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Great Irish Horse Show 1900, to be held on the Society's premises, Ball's Bridge, Dublin , on Tuesday, August 28, 1900, and three following days. List of prizes.
Sheep Show, 1900 to be held on the Society's premises, Ball's Bridge (in conjunction…

Account of experiences at the Dublin Horse Show published in the Dublin Horse Show Annual , Dublin, August 20, 1900.

Proceedings of the Royal Dublin Society, from November 9, 1899, to March 8, 1900.
Stated general meeting, March 8thh, 1900.
Report of the Council for the year 1899.
Corporate Members elected during the twelve months ended December 31st, 1899.…

Catalogue of the Spring Show Ball's Bridge, Dublin, April 17, 18, 19, and 20, 1900.
Catalogue of the Dog Show held in conjunction with the Spring Show Ball's Bridge Dublin, April 18, 19, and 20, 1900.
Awards and prizes.

Register of thorough-bred stallions certified to be free from hereditary disease and suitable for improving the breed of horses, 1900.

Winter Show 1900 to be held on the Society's premises, Ball's Bridge, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, December 11th, 12th and 13th, 1900. List of prizes.
Catalogue of the Winter Show, Ball's Bridge, Dublin. Award of prizes.

Prize essay on the treatment of brood mares and foals, and the care and feeding of young stock by William Palin

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Franklin. Roan, calved April 3, 1899, bred by John Wilson, Pirriesmill, Huntly, N. B. Winner of 1st prize in Class 2, Shorthorn bulls, entry 135 and winner of the Phoenix Challenge cup and Silver medal. Owner Mrs Staples.

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Stamp of Riches, roan, calved May 22, 1899; bred by Rev. James Nelson, Tyholland Rectory, Monaghan. Owner William Armstrong, Gally House, Enniscorthy. Winner of second prize in Class 2, Shorthorn bull, entry 119. Winner of the Shorthorn Society's…

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Royal Duke, roan, calved March 17, 1898; bred by exhibitor. Owner Her Majesty the Queen, The Prince Consort's Shaw Farm, Windsor. Winner of First Prize in Class 3, Shorthorn bull, entry 171. Winner of Champion Silver Medal for the best bull in…

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Sultan, owner and exhibitor Major John Alexander, Milford, Co. Carlow. Winner of First Prize in Class 5, Shorthorn bull, entry 264.

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Duke of York, red, white face; calved May 2, 1895; bred by Captain W. J. Hamilton, Castle Hamilton, Killesbandra. Owner G. N. Purdon, Lisnabin, Killucan. Winner of 1st prize in Class 13, Hereford bull, entry 369 and winner of Challenge cup.

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Ladysmith, red with white face, calved January 2, 1899, owner and breeder Richard Green. Winner of 1st prize in Class 14, Hereford heifer, entry 378.

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Julia 3rd, Red with White face, calved February 27, 1898, owner and breeder William Henry Davies, Livers Ocle, Hereford. Winner of 1st prize in Class 15, Hereford cows, entry 387.

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Winnie 2nd, red, white face. Calved 10th July 1894. Owner and breeder, Thomas Boylan, Hilltown House, Drogheda. Winner of first prize in Class 16, Hereford cows, entry 397.

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Baron Inca, calved January 3, 1896, bred by exhibitor Edward Coey, Droagh, Larne. Winner of 1st prize in Class 21, Aberdeen Angus Bulls, entry 528. Winner of Aberdeen Angus gold medal and winner of The "Owen" Aberdeen-Angus Challenge Cup, value £50.