RDS Shows

From the mid-19th century through to the early 1990s the RDS supported Irish agriculture through the auspices of its agricultural shows. These included the RDS Bull Show and Winter Show and most famously the RDS Spring Show which ran from 1831-1992, without interruption, even during the Easter Rising of 1916.

The RDS Shows collection currently includes the digitised catalogues of the RDS Spring Show, Bull Show, Winter Show and other RDS agricultural shows for the years 1831-2002.
389 items in collection


Spring Show 1831


Spring Show 1832


Spring Show 1833


Spring Show 1834


Spring Show 1835

RDS_proc_237_2000_sheep classes.pdf

Sheep classes 2000

RDS_proc_236_1999_sheep class.pdf

Sheep Class '99

RDS_proc_235_1998_sheep class.pdf

Sheep Class '98

RDS_proc_234_1997_sheep class '97.pdf

Sheep Class '97

RDS_proc_233_1996_sheep classes '96.pdf

Sheep Classes '96

RDS_proc_232_1995_sheep class '95.pdf

Sheep Class '95

RDS_proc_231_1994_livestock show.pdf

RDS National Livestock Show'94

RDS_proc_229_1992_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1992

RDS_proc_228_1991_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1991

RDS_proc_227_1990_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1990

RDS_proc_226_1989_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1989

RDS_spring show_1899_photo.jpg

Photograph of the Spring Show of 1899

RDS_spring show_poster_1859.jpg

Spring Show Poster 1859

RDS_spring show_1936.jpg

Spring Show Poster 1936

RDS_photo albums_1899_1900_17 of 103.jpg

The Khedive

RDS_photo albums_1899_1900_16 of 103.jpg


RDS_photo albums_1899_1900_15 of 103.jpg

Lady Calista

RDS_photo albums_1899_1900_14 of 103.jpg




La Belle Charmante

La Belle Charmante





Red Rose

Red Rose

RDS_proc_223_1986_tillage show.pdf

Tillage Show 1986

RDS_proc_223_1986_engineering show.pdf

Engineering Show 1986

RDS_proc_221_1984_engineering show.pdf

Engineering Show 1984

RDS_proc_219_1982_engineering show.pdf

Engineering Show 1982

RDS_proc_217_1980_engineering show.pdf

Engineering Show 1980

RDS_proc_217_1980_winter fair.pdf

Winter Fair 1980

RDS_proc_217_1980_agricultural show.pdf

Bull Show 1980

RDS_proc_216_1979_winter fair.pdf

Winter Fair 1979

RDS_proc_216_1979_agricultural shows.pdf

Bull Show 1979

RDS_proc_215_1978_engineering show.pdf

Engineering Show 1978

RDS_proc_215_1978_agricultural shows.pdf

Bull Show 1978

RDS_proc_214_1977_agricultural shows.pdf

Bull Show 1977

RDS_proc_214_1977_pig and bacon fair.pdf

Irish Pigs and Bacon Fair 1977

RDS_proc_213_1976_agricultural shows.pdf

Bull Show 1976

RDS_proc_212_1975_pig and bacon fair.pdf

Irish Pigs and Bacon Fair 1975

RDS_proc_212_1975_agricultural shows.pdf

Bull Show 1975

RDS_proc_211_1974_agricultural shows.pdf

Bull Show 1974

RDS_proc_223_1986_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1986

RDS_proc_225_1988_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1988

RDS_proc_224_1987_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1987

RDS_proc_222_1985_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1985

RDS_proc_221_1984_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1984

RDS_proc_220_1983_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1983

RDS_proc_219_1982_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1982

RDS_proc_218_1981_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1981

RDS_proc_217_1980_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1980

RDS_proc_216_1979_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1979

RDS_proc_215_1978_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1978

RDS_proc_214_1977_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1977

RDS_proc_213_1976_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1976

RDS_proc_212_1975_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1975

RDS_proc_211_1974_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1974

RDS_proc_210_1973_Irish pigs and bacon fair.pdf

Irish Pig and Bacon Fair 1973

RDS_proc_206_1969_spring show.pdf

Spring show 1969

RDS_proc_201_1964_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1964

RDS_proc_203_1966_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1966

RDS_proc_210_1973_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1973

RDS_proc_209_1972_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1972

RDS_proc_208_1971_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1971

RDS_proc_207_1970_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1970

RDS_proc_205_1968_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1968

RDS_proc_204_1967_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1967

RDS_proc_202_1965_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1965

RDS_proc_200_1963_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1963

RDS_proc_210_1973_agricultural shows.pdf

Bull Show 1973

RDS_proc_209_1972_agricultural shows.pdf

Bull Show 1972

RDS_proc_208_1971_agricultural shows.pdf

Bull Show 1971

RDS_proc_207_1970_agricultural shows.pdf

Bull Show 1970

RDS_proc_206_1969_agricultural shows.pdf

Bull Show 1969

RDS_proc_205_1968_agricultural shows.pdf

Bull Show 1968

RDS_proc_204_1967_agricultural shows.pdf

Bull Show 1967

RDS_proc_203_1966_agricultural shows.pdf

Bull Show 1966

RDS_proc_202_1965_agricultural shows.pdf

Bull Show 1965

RDS_proc_201_1964_agricultural shows.pdf

Bull Show 1964

RDS_proc_200_1963_agricultural shows.pdf

Bull Show 1963

RDS_proc_194_1957_agricultural shows.pdf

Bull Show 1957

RDS_proc_199_1962_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1962

RDS_proc_199_1962_agricultural shows.pdf

Bull Show 1962

RDS_proc_198_1961_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1961

RDS_proc_198_1961_agricultural shows.pdf

Bull Show 1961

RDS_proc_197_1960_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1960

RDS_proc_197_1960_agricultural shows.pdf

Bull Show 1960

RDS_proc_196_1959_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1959

RDS_proc_196_1959_agricultural shows.pdf

Bull Show 1959

RDS_proc_195_1958_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1958

RDS_proc_195_1958_agricultural shows.pdf

Bull Show 1958

RDS_proc_194_1957_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1957

RDS_proc_193_1956_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1956

RDS_proc_193_1956_agricultural shows.pdf

Bull Show 1956

RDS_proc_192_1955_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1955

RDS_proc_192_1955_agricultural shows.pdf

Bull Show 1955

RDS_proc_191_1954_spring show.pdf

Spring Show 1954