• Date is exactly "1845"
RDS_treasures_141_Hildebrandt_Pecheurs d'Hastings.jpg
Seascape, with two two-mast sailboats in a stormy sea; positioned centre, the near boat, with mainsail lowered and headsail raised, tows a lifeboat and holds seven crew, one at the tiller and six attending to the rigging; positioned behind to right,…

Portrait bust of Alexander Nimmo (1783-1832), Scottish-born surveyor and engineer, active in Ireland from 1811; the subject modelled to proper left; on a white marble socle of circular, waisted form; inscribed Alexander Nimmo.

RDS_treasures_265_Farrell_de Grey.jpeg
Portrait bust of Thomas Philip, 2nd Earl de Grey (1781–1859), politician and Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (1841-44) and President of the RDS for the same period; the subject modelled to proper left, with blind eyes; wearing classical robes and the…

RDS_treasures_C64_Terrey & Co_Pembroke 1845 cup.jpg
The campana-shaped body on a stem cast as three horses sheltering under a tree with a rockwork base, the sides robustly chased with flowers and foliage on a matted ground, with two leaf-cap scroll handles, engraved on one side with a coat-of-arms and…

Index to the proceedings of the Royal Dublin Society from November 7, 1844, to June 26, 1845

Alphabetical list of members and honorary members of the RDS.

Annual report on the state of the Royal Dublin Society's Botanic Garden, in November 1844. D. Moore, Curator.
Donation of seeds and plants received at the Royal Dublin Society's Botanic Garden, since the 5th of August, 1844.
British Museum, return…

Adjudication of farm produce at the Agricultural Museum of the Royal Dublin Society, on Friday, 1st November, 1844.
Schedule of premiums proposed by the Committee of Agriculture, and adopted by the Royal Dublin Society for the ensuing year, by…

Spring cattle show 1845. Premiums offered by the Royal Dublin Society, for the exhibition of live stock, horses, agricultural produce, etc. to take place in the Society's cattle yard, on Tuesday, the 15th, Wednesday, 16th, and Thurdsday, 17th April,…

Proceedings of The Royal Dublin Society, from November 7, 1844, to June 26, 1845.