Behind the Screens

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Especially for National Heritage Week 2022

Thanks to the support of The Heritage Council, even more 18th-century ‘celebs’ from the RDS Treasures Collection are currently being professionally photographed for the RDS Library's digital archive.

Come September, you’ll be able to peruse even more of our portraits, paintings, sculptures and statues, as well as a bit of 'bling' from our stunning collection of Dublin Horse Show and Spring Show trophies.

Meanwhile … back at Library ‘HQ’ - all hands are down the back-end of the RDS website, manufacturing the metadata. So, while you’re waiting for us to hit the 'go public' button on 19 September, here’s a sneaky peek at what we’re up to behind the digital drapes!


This dinky digital display comes to you complements of the RDS Library crew and is funded by: 

The Heritage Council under the Community Heritage Grant Scheme 2022 – and the RDS

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