Bondsman. Calved 7th April, 1898.
Owner Robert J. Calwell, 21, Arthur-street, Belfast.-Bondsman. Black ; calved April 7, 1898 ; bred by R. F. Dudgeon, The Grange; Cargen, Scotland ; s. Cedric of Naworth (6,634) ; d. Madonna 4th of Tarbreoch by…

La Belle Charmante
La Belle Charmante, calved 19th April, 1898.
Entry 749 in Class 48 - Jersey Heifer, calved in 1898.
Owner Vere Ward Brown, Balnagowan, Rathmines, Co. Dublin. — La Belle Charmante. Fawn ; calved April 19, 1898 ; bred by Fowler and de la Perrelle,…

Kathleen, calved 8th Mary, 1892.
Owner and breeder Rt. Hon. The Earl of Clonmell, Bishopscourt, Straffan, Co. Kildare.
Entry number 641 in Class 38.-Kerry Cow, calved prior to 1896.
Kathleen (1,549). Black ; calved May 8, 1892 ; bred by Exhibitor;…

Kilmorna, calved 28th March, 1898.
Owner Right Hon. Viscount De Vesci, Abbeyleix, Queen's Co. Kilmorna. Black ; bred by Pierce Mahony, Kilmorna, Listowel, North Kerry ; 8. Diarmid (410) ; d. Eyvind an Drachmadh (2,482) by Mac-Oriel (209) p. d.…

Red Rose
Red Rose, calved January, 1894. Owner W. R. Creswell, Stag Hall, Belfast.
Winner of first prize £5 in Class 32 - Ayrshire Cow, calved prior to 1896, entry number 601. Bred by G. M'Gilivray, Dumbreck, Kirkintilloch, N.B.

Jessie calved January 1897. Owner W. R. Greswell, Stag Hall, Belfast. Breeder Robert Sandylands. Winner of first prize in class 31, Ayrshire heifer, entry 596.

Blanche of Hilltown
Blanche of Hilltown (26519). Calved 2nd January 1898. Owner and breeder Thomas Boylan, Hilltown House, Drogheda. Winner of first prize in class 22, entry 537, Abberdeen Angus heifer. Irish Aberdeen Angus Challenge cup, value £50

Winnie II
Winnie II. Calved 4th July 1894. Owner and breeder, Thomas Boylan, Hilltown House, Drogheda. Winner of first prize in class 16, Hereford cows, entry 390.

Roundhead. Calved 18th February, 1897. Owner Thomas J. Greene, Sandymount, Shinrone. Bred by W. T. Trench, Redwood, Lorrha, Roscrea. Winner of first prize in class 12, Hereford bulls, entry 361. Reserve number and H. C. for the Hereford Challenge…

All Ireland
All Ireland. Calved 23rd March, 1898. Owner and breeder Lt. Col. Everard, Randlestown, Navan. Winner of first prize in class 11 (Hereford bull) , entry number 328.

Dumbarton (68549) calved 12th January 1894. Owner H.J.C. Coler-Aylward, Shankhill Castle, Whitehall. Bred by the Earl of Caledon. Winner of first prize in class 5 (Shorthorn bull, entry 249) and Chaloner Challenge plate value £155

Merchant of Venice
Merchant of Venice, calved 23rd January, 1897. Owner, Miss Staples, Dunmore, Durrow. Bred by Lord Lovat, Beaufort Castle, Beauly. Entry in class 3, Shorthorn bull, number 192. First prize class 3 and Champion Silver Medal. Challoner plate reserve…

Caledon, calved February 5th, 1898. Owner and breeder Richard Wright, Prumplestown House, Castledermot. Entered in Class 1 Shorthorn Bulls, entry number 56. Winner of first prize of £20 in class 1 and winner of first prize of £10 in class 2.…

Adjudication of premiums at the Autumn shew of breeding stock, for competition, and for sale or hire, in the Royal Dublin Society's cattle yard, on the 24th and 25th September, 1839.