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Observations upon Mr Cobbett's corn by Isaac Weld, Secretary. Observations upon Mr Cobbett's corn by Robert M. Alloway.
Return of all the books purchased for and presented to the Library, Frederick Cradock, Librarian.
Letter from Lord Leveson Gower to the Royal Dublin Society in relation to the report of the Select Committee on the Irish Miscellaneous Estimates. Copy of the report from the Committee of House of Commons on Irish Estimates, so far as relates to the Royal Dublin Society.
Letter to Lord Leveson Gower on the subject of the Irish Miscellaneous Estimates, signed by Edward Hardman, Assistant Secretary to the Royal Dublin Society.
Letter from Thomas Brodigan to Edward Hardman, Assistant Secretary to the Royal Dublin Society about an analysis of the tobacco stalk undertaken by Mr Davy, professor of Chemistry.
Letter from Sir John Sinclair to the Lord Bishop of Kildare, on the subject of dye extracted from potato flowers.
Address by Anthony Meyler to the House Committee of the Royal Dublin Society.
Address of John Irwin to the Secretary of the Royal Dublin Society offering, for the collections, the relic of two ends of a fishing yawl from Inver Bay destroyed by a whale.
Letter from Downshire (Arthur Wills Blundell Sandys Trumbull Windson Hill, 4th Marquess of ) to Edward Hardman, Secretary to the Royal Dublin Society, suggesting that the Society takes up the subject of husbandry and to admit as members of the Society those who promote and advance that art.
Report on the culture of tobacco. Signed R. B. Bryan, Chairman.
Return of books purchased for, and presented to the Library of the Royal Dublin Society, Frederick Craddock, Librarian.
Report of Mr. Davy on the comparative value of foreign and Irish grown tobacco.


RDS proceedings, volume 66, November 5, 1829, to July 22, 1830


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