• Subject is exactly "Portrait painting, Irish -- 19th century"
Portrait of Mervyn Edward Wingfield, 7th Viscount Powerscourt, by Sarah Henrietta Purser
Mervyn Edward Wingfield, 7th Viscount Powerscourt, landowner, politician and connoisseur. The subject depicted half length, directed forward, his full-bearded face in frontal profile, wearing formal attire with one gold shirt stud visible and with…

RDS_treasures_174_Hamilton_Richard Kirwan.jpg
Richard Kirwan, Irish geologist and chemist. The subject depicted full length, frontal profile, seated next to a desk in a dark interior, holding a journal in his right hand, wearing a dark coat and breeches, a black top hat and brown cloak. in the…

RDS_treasures_178_Jones_George Stoney.jpg
George Johnstone Stoney, Irish Physicist, the subject depicted full length, directed forward, his 'cathedral'-style bearded face in frontal profile, seated at a table in an interior, wearing a dark suit and blue-trimmed academic robes, a watchchain…

RDS_treasures_175_Cregan_Isaac Weld.png
Isaac Weld, topographer, explorer and artist. The subject depicted three-quarter length, directed forward, face in frontal profile, standing, holding a document in right hand, wearing a black morning coat, indistinctly signed and dated l.l. Cregan.

RDS_treasures_137_Chinnery_Miss Vigne.jpg
The subject depicted full length, directed slightly to the right, her head cast down and reading a book, reclining on a red sofa, wearing a blue gown. Thought to be the sister of Marianne Vigne, the artist's wife (m.1799). It may in fact be Marianne…