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Shepherding a Flock to Pasture, by George Barret Senior
Capriccio landscape. On a wagon track in the foreground, a flock of sheep are driven to pasture by three shepherds, one mounted on a grey horse, one holding a leashed dog and one waving a staff. Scrub trees frame the composition, one on the left and…

Anglers Beneath a Natural Rock Arch, by George Barret Senior
Capriccio landscape. In the right foreground, three figures fish from a rock beside a river, the two males standing and the female seated. Above them is a giant natural rock arch, partially covered by scrub. Trees frame the left of the composition,…

Travellers on a Wooded Pathway, by George Barret Senior
Capriccio landscape: In the foreground, two men travel alongside two loaded mules on a wooded pathway. Two other men follow them a short distance behind. In the middle ground, two figures walk in the opposite direction. In the background, the ruins…