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Observations upon Mr Cobbett's corn by Isaac Weld, Secretary. Observations upon Mr Cobbett's corn by Robert M. Alloway.
Return of all the books purchased for and presented to the Library, Frederick Cradock, Librarian.
Letter from Lord Leveson…

Report from Isaac Weld about the use of "a one-handed scythe" as used for harvest work in Holland.
Report to the Committee of Chemistry of the Royal Dublin Society on mines in Ireland by Richard Griffith since the year 1818.
Letter from G.…

List of casts, taken from the ruins of Persepolis, and sent down to Captain Wilson.
Letter signed by Isaac Weld to the Assistant Secretary of the Royal Dublin Society with observations on the subject of the propagation of the White Mulberry for the…

The potato disease. Letter from Charles Halpin, Esq., M. D., Cavan, to the Presidents, Vice-Presidents, and members of the Royal Dublin Society.
Letter from Leland Crosthwait, esq. to the Honorary Secretaries [of the Royal Dublin Society]: Isaac,…