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The memorial of the Council of the Royal Dublin Society to the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury … "unfinished condition of Museum of Natural History, Library, Botanic Museum, Agricultural Department". Correspondence on the subject of a…

Prospectus of the examination for general and commercial certificates, to be held on Monday, May, 24, 1863 and following days. Report and papers.
Catalogue of books added to the Library of the Royal Dublin Society, Edw. Richards Purefoy Colles,…

Minutes of evidence taken at the special meetings of the Council ... "to investigate the transaction in which the Librarian was concerned ..." Letter from the librarian, Edw. Richards Purefoy Colles, to the president, vice-presidents, and members…

Report of the examination for general and commercial certificates, held on Monday, May 28, 1860.
Syllabus of the first and second parts of a course of lectures on natural philosophy by William Barker.
Syllabus of the first part of a course of…

Rules for the admission of agricultural associates and for the affiliation of provincial agricultural and farming societies.
Scale of fees for chemical analyses … by Edmund W. Davy.
Syllabus of the second part of a course of lectures on…